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Achieving ROI in the Cloud: Webinar Preview

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May 11, 2018 / Evolve IP

How to Build Your Business Case and Justify Your Cloud Strategy

On May 31st, Evolve IP and Veeam will be hosting an information-packed web seminar entitled “Budgeting for Cloud and Compliance (with Impressive ROI)”.

We often hear that IT leaders and business executives are surprised when they learn of the cloud’s tremendous capabilities for delivering day-to-day business value and ROI. Often, it’s because the now-pervasive use of the term “cloud” has many people (including key executives and members of the board) thinking only of popular public cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, or Google.

Most folks don’t recognize that virtual private clouds are vastly different…and they can be used to deliver easy-to-consume communications and computing solutions for business of all sizes. Once this simple fact is understood, the virtual private cloud conversation is far easier for businesses to get their arms, hearts, and minds around. This is especially true when the technical expertise is combined with the proper cloud strategy.

That’s why we’re hosting this webinar program which explores these concepts and shares real-life case studies of how companies are creating measurable benefits (including impressive ROI) that make their board members applaud.

Leading the program is Evolve IP’s Product Manager Steve Sokolowsky, formerly the IT Director at Malvern Federal Savings Bank, and Brandon McCoy of Veeam Software. They will examine how virtual private cloud computing is a game-changer when it comes to security, compliance, and performance. They’ll also show how these efficiencies can be calculated and made real in the form of significant monthly and annual savings that expand the bottom line.

Specifically, they will explain:

  • How to build compelling budget justifications for executives and the board
  • How compliance and security objectives can be strengthened through your cloud strategy
  • Best practices for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis
  • Cloud reporting capabilities that can support and simplify audit compliance

Attendees will also hear case studies from healthcare, financial services, and other industries, illustrating how cloud simplicity and scale translate into tangible monthly savings and ROI.

When:  Thursday, May 31st 2:00 pm Eastern (Click here to register)

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

In essence, understanding the virtual private cloud is easy.  It’s an environment that sits “outside of your datacenter” that offers ALL of the same comforts, familiarity, and features as if it were “in your datacenter.” For example, if you’ve ever built an IT environment before, you’ve no doubt made sure to include:

  • Top-notch physical security
  • Best-in-class hardware and software
  • Constant monitoring, patching, and upgrades

Evolve IP’s virtual private cloud is built identically…but has one major difference: our team. More specifically, our team of cloud engineers who specialize in creating and maintaining world-class IT environments. Their mission is to build it all for you, provide timely maintenance, deliver round-the-clock support…and let you focus on more strategic initiatives.

The use of a virtual private cloud offers businesses a powerful blend of operational reliability, regulatory oversight, and economic value that is difficult to match with internally managed, on-premises solutions. As a result, more companies than ever before are choosing a trusted partner like Evolve IP, as opposed to essentially “building a cloud” in their own datacenter.

We hope you can join the program.

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