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Are you looking to transform your business? Look to the cloud.

September 5, 2015 / Evolve IP

According to Evolve IP’s 2014 Cloud of Dreams survey, almost 9 out of 10 respondents (88%) believe that cloud computing is the future model of IT, and 81 percent of all respondents have already deployed at least one service in the cloud.

There must be a good reason that so many organizations are moving to the cloud, right? Actually, there are essentially two principal ways that the cloud can transform your business.

1. Increased functionality is a huge benefit organizations gain from moving to the cloud, because most enterprises aren’t built with a redundant data center, the ability to do DR effectively, or the ability to minimize Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery time Objective (RTO). Additionally, there are the benefits of scalability – as you can quickly and easily add resources as needed – and also productivity – as users can gain access to virtual servers from any location, while administrators can support and deploy from a centralized location.

It’s clear that most businesses would gain a lot when moving to the cloud from a feature and functionality standpoint. But, the second way the cloud can transform your business is what I’d really like strategic-minded business leaders to think about.

2. Focusing your resources on what they do best for your company is the second side of this topic.

Your IT resources are probably pretty good at managing data centers, clusters, software patches and what we call “The Blinky Light Syndrome” (making sure that lights are blinking in the data center.) However, their time would be better spent doing what they excel at – focusing on what your business needs from a technical standpoint to improve.

I feel that the most overlooked measure of a TCO exercise is how your company can better be served allocating its finite IT Resources. Is it better served paying for somebody to do something inefficiently (i.e. operate your own data center)? Or is it better to reallocate that resource to work on an internal project on improving the systems that your company uses?

It’s not just Evolve IP, as a service provider, touting that the cloud can transform your business. Our Cloud of Dreams survey reveals that 81% of all respondents have deployed at least one service in the cloud. On average, those surveyed had 2.7 services in the cloud with servers / data centers, Exchange and co-location /back-up as the top three adopted cloud services.

For more information about moving to the cloud, click here to download our free Virtualization 101 Cloud Brief.

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