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Avoid Productivity Loss During the SEPTA chaos

Surviving SEPTA Meltdown Evolve IP
July 12, 2016 / Evolve IP

“For the most part, it worked.” That’s what Jeffery Knueppel, SEPTA’s General Manager, said referring to SEPTA’s amended Regional Rail schedule. But that’s not how commuters feel.

The recent fiasco involving SEPTA’s recalled train cars is a commuting nightmare. A third of SEPTA’s train cars are no longer in service, and in many cases when trains are too full they become “express” trains, meaning they will skip over local stops and the awaiting commuters. Almost 70% of Center City workers use public transportation to get to work, daily, and of that 70% all but 5% use some mode of SEPTA, the majority choosing SEPTA Regional Rails[1]. When employees cannot get to work, or arrive late (and disgruntled), it costs organizations lost productivity and revenue. Are your employees being left stranded?

Unfortunately, the end is not near– repairs could take the rest of the summer. If train commuters going into Center City Philadelphia drove to work instead, then a parking lot of 2.6 square miles, larger than William Penn’s original plan for the city, would need to be built[2]. Even if all Center City train commuters could drive to work, there is not enough space for them to park, nor can the environment handle all of those fumes.

But it doesn’t stop at the recalled train cars. The reason for much of the train’s slowness has also been due to the heat. Just like your colocation systems need cooling, so do metal trains. So, summer heat causes slower trains, and now less train cars are causing delays and crowding. In some cases this combination adds up to employees not being able to get to work, or losing tremendous work time just trying to get there.

The SEPTA mess may be costing many businesses productivity and revenue, but it doesn’t have to.

Virtual desktops, such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), allow employees to work from home, the local Starbucks, or virtually any internet enabled location, without losing productivity. Virtual desktop solutions have enabled organizations’ associates to work remotely during severe weather incidents, outages, and other unplanned situations, such as SEPTA recalling a third of its train cars—circumventing critical downtime to their businesses. And Evolve IP can get your DaaS running within a week!

The leading benefit of virtual desktops selected by respondents in the 2015 Evolve IP State of the Desktop Survey (59%) is mobility enablement, while others appreciate the time saving and efficiency improvements, security, and cost savings.

There’s no reason for your employees to lose time and productivity from the SEPTA train recall. Reach out to us today and in about a week they’ll have the mobility to work from their device of choice, from the location of their choice while having total access to their work computer and accounts.

To learn more about DaaS, click here.

[1] 2013 Center City Reports “How Philadelphia Gets to Work: Investing for Growth”

[2] 2016 Center City Reports “Getting to Work: Transit, Density & Opportunity”

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