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Why should small business leaders give a hoot about Big Data?

May 31, 2012 / Evolve IP

The only tech term being tossed around more irresponsibly than “cloud” these days is the concept of “Big Data.” This has led many small businesses to consider what “Big Data” means for them. Big Data and small business are, at first glance, an oxymoron. But, the trend toward wrestling with and controlling Big Data does have some benefit for small businesses.

I was happy to help clear up some of this confusion when Small Business Computing and Cloud Computing Journal tapped me for my view on what Big Data means to the small business.

As I explained to Pam Baker of Small Business Computing, it’s not so much that SMBs need to tackle their “big” data. Rather, it’s the technologies that are emerging to tackle big business’ big data issue. She included more of my thoughts in “What Big Data Means to Small Business.” You can flip over to pick up where I left off here.

What Big Data Means to Small Business

Next, Cloud Computing Journal’s Liz McMillian talked to me about Big Data and the growth of the cloud in more detail. The publication featured our Q&A, “The Cloud Is the Future and Big Data Enables New Products,” which hit upon how cloud computing enhances a business’s agility, what the most important cloud computing standard left to tackle is, and why Big Data will enable new product development.

The Cloud Is the Future and Big Data Enables New Products

Thanks to Small Business Computing and Cloud Computing Journal for featuring my input on this trend!

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