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What is a Call Center Dialer?

May 14, 2018 / Evolve IP

Since they are on the phone day in and day out, your call center agents would likely appreciate any innovation making the outbound dialing process more efficient. Easy-to-use dialer tools enable agents to make more calls, manage high call traffic, and generate greater sales. First, you’ll need to understand the full variety of dialers available.

What is a call center dialer?

You may think you already know the answer to that question — it’s a human with fingers and a phone. But, manual dialing can be so old school. Many businesses will start with agents choosing what prospects to call, and on what number. But, as the organization grows automated solutions come into play.

Dialer tools can ensure business efficiency and customer satisfaction by allowing businesses to make more quality calls in less time. The dialer tool requires only an easy-to-use softphone to make calls, review and record customer information, and utilize omnichannel features such as texting and email—all through a single interface. Empowering easy management of multiple outbound calling campaigns and real-time reporting, dialing technology can increase conversion rates and return on investment.

Why we need call center dialers

Cloud Dialer allows businesses to make significantly more quality calls and in less time, thereby increasing conversion rate, customer satisfaction, and ROI.

Recently, we helped a customer reduce their sales call back time from 7 hours to 5 minutes, simply with the help of a dialer. Not only did this improve their business efficiency, but also increased their agent and customer satisfaction rate.

Types of call center dialers

Each call center faces its own challenges requiring a distinct solution to best meet its unique business needs. The variety of call center dialers available help balance business goals and workforce efficiency for a better experience for agents and customers alike.

Power Dialers

Power dialers empower agents to make more calls in less time. These dialers automatically make an outbound call when an agent becomes available. With the automated dialing technology saving time, your agents can save their energy for connecting with prospects. This efficiency can improve contact and conversion rates and lead to greater sales.

Preview Dialers

Preview dialers help agents personalize their customer interactions. Easily previewing customer information to prepare for the call, the agent can feel more confident making each call. Throughout the call, the agent can also easily access all the prospect’s information to more effectively sell and upsell. Meanwhile, customers benefit from receiving calls from people who are familiar with them and able to make more personalized connections.

Predictive Dialers

Best for high volume contact centers, predictive dialers prioritize efficiency and speed. Evolve IP’s predictive dialer uses an algorithm to learn the number of calls your contact center can handle and how often. Based on this information, the dialer can predict agent call lengths and have a next call ready and waiting. Plus, agents don’t have to worry about wasting call time on answering machines, voice mails, faxes, or wrong numbers. The predictive dialer also screens each call to ensure it is handing off only genuine opportunities to your agents.

Call dialers can reduce idle time, empower call agents, increase efficiencies, and enable greater insight into the sales force and call center activity. Evolve IP’s cloud-based call dialers also offer advanced features such as the ability to import calling list files, real-time monitoring of active campaigns, Do Not Call (DNC) compliance, and robust reporting tools. Manually or automatically dial us today to learn more about the customized solution that are best for your business.

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