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Challenges of Managing Data & Stakeholder’s Expectations

Challenges of Managing Data Stakeholder’s Expectations | Evolve IP
July 26, 2017 / Evolve IP

One thing we all love about contact center systems is that they provide tremendous amounts of data about the caller’s experience, the call flow, and the agent’s performance. A typical PBX & ACD produces hundreds of data elements and oftentimes it can be difficult to turn the mountains of data into just the key metrics we need. Contact Center leaders need insights instead of swimming in a sea of data elements.

Over the past 5+ years at Evolve IP, I’ve spoken with hundreds of contact center leaders who struggle to find the right metrics to manage their business. In many cases, this has been an on-going struggle for years and further exacerbated because they lack organizational knowledge around call centers. Reporting challenges is typically one of the hottest topics when speaking with organizations who are looking to replace their existing technology.

In our recent survey of contact center professionals, one of the top investment priorities for the coming year is Metrics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting. Similarly, a survey of the attendees for last month’s Call Center Week conference also stated that “Too much data and limited data monitoring/analysis” was one of the top challenges currently faced by the attendees.

In my mind, there are 3 distinct stakeholders in the contact center’s performance – the customer, the organization, and the employee. So let’s take a deeper dive into these topics.

Customer Expectations:

So let’s start with the customer and their needs

  • Respond quickly: First off, the customer wants you to respond quickly to their inquiry and they want the ability to communicate via their preferred channel (call, text, email, chat, social, etc.).
  • Knowledgeable person: They want to work with a knowledgeable friendly person who can help them and will provide them accurate information.
  • Address needs quickly: They want the agent to address their need on first contact, they don’t want to be transferred all over the company where they have to repeat their story multiple times.
  • Next steps: If the agent can’t resolve things on that interaction, the customer wants to know what will happen next, they also want clear expectations on WHEN things will occur.

The worst thing we can do is not address the initial inquiry, fail to complete the promised actions, and never communicate with the customer again. In other words, customers want us to be readily available to address their inquiries with expertise, professionalism, and respect.

Organizational Expectations:

So what does the organization expect? There are zillions of expectations and I’m just talking about the very high-level or strategic goals that translate into much more specific tactical goals inside every company.

  • Deliver great service: We are only as good as our last interaction with a customer so every interaction counts! Every day is game day was the favorite statement of my CEO and I heard him say it literally thousands of times and he meant it!
  • Maximize ROI: This is a very broad goal that means we need to hit our financial goals around budgets, cost to run the contact center, revenue generated, cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention, cost or revenue per interaction, and the list goes on.
  • Operate efficiently: This means leveraging our resources to deliver maximum impact. In the contact center, it means having the right staff on the phones at the right time, delivering high quality interactions, offering customers alternative means of addressing their needs, and even better proactively identifying ways to eliminate the reasons that customers are contacting us in the first place. This too is a very broad goal and one that can get too much focus from leadership team since efficiency taken to the extreme can hinder our other goals.
  • Compliance: We have to be compliant – with industry regulations, internal processes, procedures, legal disclosures, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Employee Expectations:

And of course our employees are a critical stakeholder in the success of the contact center. Now our employees have lots of expectations that I’ll boil down to just a few high-level categories to keep things simple

  • Efficient tools & technologies: Agents want you to provide them with the proper tools, training, technology, and supporting resources that empower them to deliver great performance.
  • Treated fairly: They want to be treated fairly, judged fairly, paid fairly, they want a healthy work-life balance, and they want to clearly understand your expectations of them.
  • Career growth: They want a place where they can grow a career, learn new skills, and continue the climb the stairs to new levels of success and satisfaction. They want to be judged based upon the things in their control. They want the right tools and authority that enable them to achieve their goals while meeting your organizational expectation.

Now that we’ve understood the challenge of data & managing stakeholder expectations; the next step is to identify the key steps to analyzing data & improving your reporting.

Check out our recent webinar on “5 Ways You Can Improve Call Center Reporting & Analytics

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