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Cloud Computing / Security Comes Alive at HPE Discover

Cloud Computing Security Comes Alive at HPE Discover - Evolve IP
June 8, 2017 / Evolve IP

When discussing cloud computing, security, compliance and performance questions are always high on the list. The fact that this week’s annual Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s conference “HPE Discover” was held in Las Vegas, NV made it the perfect occasion to address some of these questions first hand. That’s why we organized a 2-hour walking tour of the Switch Las Vegas datacenter facility which highlighted the many patented efficiency and environmental technologies that are integral to its success and showcased the home of Evolve IP’s west coast home for cloud computing. Security is tight as you might expect, but there’s no better opportunity for us to:

  • Show off Evolve IP’s PCI- and HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure, and
  • Give our clients and prospective clients a first-hand view of the largest, most efficient, and most highly-rate data center ecosystem in the world.

With Switch located only 15 minutes from HPE Discover (held at the Sands Conference Center), the tour gave attendees a unique opportunity to see and explore this impressive data center campus, which is the home for Evolve IP’s Compliance Cloud™ – powered by technology partners Nimble Storage (recently purchased by Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and Veeam Software. The tour was co-sponsored by both Nimble and Veeam whose technology and full exhibits were on display at the conference. Given the fact that hybrid cloud computing, security, and connectivity were hot topics at the conference, the tour was a natural fit into the attendee’s schedule.

Beyond Evolve IP’s secure infrastructure, the group was able to see the advanced technology that provides security, power and cooling for stacks of thousands of servers owned by more than 1,000 Switch clients, including eBay, Xerox, Zappos, Amazon, DreamWorks, Shutterfly and the U.S. government.

The tour demonstrated behind-the-scenes operations of the most efficient data center in the world. It is the first and only facility in North America with a Tier IV (four) Design and Facility Certification from the Uptime Institute. Attendees learned why Switch is the ultimate data center for cloud security, availability and performance. Specifically, it offers:

  • Up to 2.4 million square feet of Tier IV Gold data center space
  • Up to 325 MW of power, with 100% uptime guaranteed
  • 100% renewable energy used to power facilities

Switch built multiple levels of energy redundancy, including revolutionary tri-redundant power systems, modular building design and 100% heat containment technologies, which eliminate client concerns regarding power, cooling, connectivity and/or space. Switch data centers meet and exceed Tier IV standards in all categories and their telecommunication technology and services are praised as Tier “Elite” – above and beyond the current tier approach.

We look forward to offering the tour at future Las Vegas-based conferences and events to provide an inside look at the thoughtful process and robust physical infrastructure that empowers Evolve IP’s to deliver the ultimate in cloud computing, security, compliance and performance.

Click here for more information about Evolve IP’s Compliance Cloud infrastructure. For more information on Evolve IP and our recent recognition by Gartner, check out our Newsroom post titled: Evolve IP Named As A Visionary In The Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

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