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Cloud Contact Center: The Advantages for the Customer Contact Manager

June 21, 2017 / Evolve IP

Quickly responding to changing customer requirements requires a lot from your customer contact centre. Customers want proactive information and a personal approach. Cloud contact centre services give you the space to use every contact moment to build your relationship with your customer.

Below, we list some advantages of the Cloud Contact Center, you can download a white paper, and look at a customer case from Knab.

Get The Most Out Of Your Team

Evolve IP’s Cloud Contact Center allows you to use the telephone, chat, email and social media channels when contacting your customers. You can personally specify the mix of various customer contact channels, and use blending to alternate activities for personnel between outbound, inbound and mail. This allows you to make the most of your team.

The Latest Functionality

You will always have access to the very latest functionality because the cloud contact centre is supplied as Software as a Service (SaaS). You no longer have to worry about which social media channels are going to be the hype next year. Evolve IP ensures that you are always up-to-date by facilitating integration with mainstream communication channels.

Easily Absorb Peaks

Many contact centres encounter peak moments due to seasonal factors and marketing initiatives. Due to the scalability of our cloud-based services, and the insights you receive from reports, you will be able to timely adjust the capacity of your department based on how many questions you are receiving from customers. Too much pressure on your department? You then have multiple options. You simply adjust the routing or queue settings via the web portal. You are in charge of setting up your contact centre to meet your current needs. You can also call on more employees because they can easily work from home or from another location. In doing so, you can build a flexible shell and save on staff costs.

Play a Role in the Whole Customer Journey

Exceeding the expectations of your customers is easier than you think. You can simply enable or disable functionalities to meet the requirements of your customer at the correct moment in the customer journey. In this way, you will get the maximum return from your customer contact environment. Show your contact centre agents who is calling and offer a bit of customer history prior to the moment of contact. This is possible by displaying available CRM data via a customer card on your agent’s desktop.

White Paper

In the white paper ‘The Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center’, we go into detail about the advantages of a cloud contact centre for the contact centre manager and his customer contact strategy. Download the white paper ‘The Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center’ here if you want to know more about this.

Customer Case

How does online bank Knab distinguish themselves by optimising their customer contact? Read and download the case ‘Cloud Contact Center for Knab’ here

Even More Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center

Your Customers Are Supported with the Use of Skill-Based Routing

One or more skills can be created for each agent and then linked to the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) and unified queue with prioritisation possibilities. Per agent, one or more skills could be created and linked to the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) and the advanced unified queue with priority option. Thanks to the Evolve IP customer satisfaction survey, you can directly connect the caller to a self-defined survey once the call comes to an end. Here you can ask whether the customer’s expectations have been met.

Process Frequently Asked Questions via Self-Service

Evolve IP’s telephone-based self-service application allows frequently asked questions to be processed without intervention from employees. For example, a customer may request a copy of his latest invoice. He phones and gets the option offered in the IVR. After verification, he receives a link to the latest invoice. A question that is automatically dealt with costs only 10% of what it would have cost had the question ended up with the contact centre. A significant saving through which your contact centre agents have more time available for complex questions with high customer value.

Total Overview of the Whole (Virtual) Contact Center

Manage your customer contact environment centrally with a single queue for the entire organisation, whatever the number of branches and the number of agents. This maximises the agent efficiency and significantly decreases complexity. From one single place, you have a complete overview of the entire (virtual) contact centre. From every PC, you can make and change audio prompts, record conversations, adjust call flows and agent skills and monitor the SLA.

A Uniform Customer Experience from the Whole Organisation

The entire organisation is actually the contact centre. Many people other than the agents have regular customer contact. For a uniform customer experience, it is important that the customer information is available during every conversation and that it can be forwarded if a call is transferred. The cloud contact centre model offers solutions with which the back office, office workstations and even mobile employees have the same tools for optimal customer contact.

Ask your communication partner in customer contact

Evolve IP is already a partner in customer contact for many organisations. Curious about the advantages your company will have with the Cloud Contact Center? Contact an Evolve IP consultant via +31(0)88-428 31 11

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