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Cloud Contact Center: The Advantages for the IT Manager

June 15, 2017 / Evolve IP

From On-Premise to Cloud Software

A quick response to rapidly changing market conditions in the field of customer contact requires a lot from your IT department. While, at the same time, the budget is under pressure and safety and privacy require a lot of attention. Cloud-based contact centre services give you the freedom to focus on your business.

There has been an important change in the way your customers want to contact you. Besides the telephone, there is a need for contact via e-mail, chat and social media. Contact centres across the world are reconsidering their customer contact strategy. Many organisations are investigating the option of extending the existing equipment with new media, or are looking for alternatives.
In this article, we list the advantages of a cloud contact centre for you. Do you want more detailed information about this? Read our white paper ‘Cloud Contact Center: The Advantages for the IT Manager’!

Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center for IT:

  1. 1Always the Latest Technology
    Because the cloud contact centre is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), you always have the newest software version and features. Evolve IP’s Cloud Contact Center will make you ready for the future. You do not have to worry about what social media channels are going to be the hype next year or ask yourself what the impact is on the underlying systems when introducing “moves adds and changes”. A Cloud Contact Center is always up-to-date by connecting with all commonly encountered systems and communication channels.
    Curious about the standard connections of a Cloud Contact Center? Download a handy overview here: The standard integrations with a Cloud Contact Center.
  2. No More Maintenance and Falling Management Costs
    Your existing contact centre software platform is becoming increasingly complex and more and more time and specific IT & telecom expertise is needed to manage it. The Cloud Contact Center means you will no longer require new equipment at your location(s), with Evolve IP being responsible for technically managing the environment. Evolve IP can give you even more peace of mind by catering for the 1st line support offered to users. Your IT staff wastes no more time on maintaining systems and you do not have to train any staff in (brand-)specific IT & telecom knowledge. The management costs decrease and your employees can focus on the tactical and strategic support of the business.
  3. Customer Contact Manager Can Personally Implement Changes
    Does your customer contact manager need to immediately implement changes on a daily basis? This is now something of the past. You can now personally perform functional management. Thanks to a comprehensive set of online management tools, it is now possible to implement changes at any given moment, and from any device or random location. The workload in the contact centre can be immediately reduced via real-time changes in e.g. routing, welcome messages and waiting for queue reductions.
  4. Upscale and Downscale Users and Functionality
    The qualitative benefits of the contact centre services are, just as with other cloud services, indisputable. However, the focus is frequently on costs. Instead of a large investment in purchasing equipment and licenses, organisations can now work based on a monthly subscription depending on their use of the service. You pay for cloud services in accordance with your use; the services are flexible and scalable. You do not invest in an extension of your existing environment, but you simply add users or functionality. This makes it easy to test various functionalities so that you know which features the best suit your service.

Do you want to know more about the advantages specific to your case? Download the white paper ‘Cloud Contact Center: The Advantages for IT’ here. Then read through this in a quiet moment.

Advantages of a Cloud Contact Center at Evolve IP

Optimum Safety
Evolve IP applies strict requirements with regard to security and privacy. For example, we have well-designed processes surrounding the implementation of security patches and updates within the discussed service window. In addition, there is an internal policy for dealing confidentially with privacy-sensitive data. Should you have any questions or should there still be a problem, the Evolve IP customer service is waiting for you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Trusted Cloud, ISO 27001 Certified
The cloud contact centre services from Evolve IP comply with Dutch legislation, are ISO 27001-certified and are provided from the Evolve IP trusted cloud. Our trusted cloud is a Dutch, redundant IP network which includes multiple data centres for providing our services and storing your data. By directly linking our services to your business network, a service level of 99.95% is achieved and the risk of security incidents are minimised.

Ask your communication partner in customer contact

Evolve IP is already a partner in customer contact for many organisations. Curious about the advantages your company will have with the Cloud Contact Center? Contact an Evolve IP consultant via +31(0)88-428 31 11

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