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Selling Cloud Services – High Risk, High Reward when Choosing a Supplier

April 18, 2016 / Evolve IP

Late last year, I posted an article advising you to pick your horse BEFORE the race even begins. You know you’ve struck a chord when your fellow competitors tell you that your article really hit home. That’s because we suppliers are the first to recognize that we’ve lost opportunities because of the confusion created by sales partners that have insisted on bringing multiple quotes to the table. Now, it seems that we’re hearing the same thing from our Master Agents, whose message to their sales partners is, “3 quotes don’t work in the cloud business.” So, now that we’ve seen validation from both the Suppliers and the Master Agents, how can the sales partners maintain their neutrality if they only bring one supplier to the table? Better yet, how can a sales partner demonstrate their value if all they’re doing is facilitating multiple meetings with multiple suppliers?

Simply stated, you’ve got to get better at qualifying the opportunity. By this point, we’ve shown you how to identify an “on-time” opportunity by asking the right questions to identify that impending event. Now, it’s all about having some faith in utilizing the resources of the Master Agent or your favorite supplier to engage with the prospect in order to move the deal forward. Think of it this way – you are actually doing your prospect a real disservice by bringing multiple suppliers to the table. You’ve got to be confident when you tell the prospect why you’ve chosen a particular supplier. We’ve seen this best demonstrated in VAR business when they explain that they’ve vetted the requirements in order to recommend the RIGHT partner and the RIGHT solution.

Now, let’s get back to the title, High Risk, High Reward:

The Risk – You might pick the wrong supplier! Two comments – You’ll only make that mistake once and if you are not taking advantage of the training programs offered by both the Suppliers and Masters, you risk being left behind.

The reward – Cloud deals, especially cloud computing deals, are worth an average of 3X the revenue as compared to telephony sales. Said another way, 100 seats of UC is $3500-$4000. 100 seats of VDI gets you over $10K!

As a sales partner, you’ve already demonstrated your willingness to take risks. Otherwise, you would still be working for somebody else. The Cloud gives you the ability to demonstrate your willingness to change the rules and I’m confident that you have the foresight to accept that challenge.

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One of the nation’s fastest growing cloud companies, Evolve IP provides cloud services in virtually every industry including: healthcare, legal, insurance, banking, technology, travel, veterinary medicine, and retail and to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The company’s Evolve IP OneCloudTM solution allows organizations to migrate multiple cloud computing and cloud communications services onto a single, unified platform including: virtual data centers / serversdisaster recovery, virtual desktops, IP phone systems / unified communications, contact centers, and more.

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