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Are your Cloud Services HIPAA Compliant?

CCI HIPAA Blogpost
August 16, 2016 / Evolve IP

Cloud services have brought a complete transformation of how industries store, use and communicate information that is fast to access and reliable. For the healthcare industry there is an additional requirement of remaining HIPAA compliant especially when dealing with confidential patient information that is transmitted across multiple communication channels.  But how secure is secure enough? Does this security extend to voicemails?

CCI Health and Wellness Services, a growing healthcare company had similar questions when they took the decision to transition from a legacy phone-based system to a sophisticated cloud-based communication service. CCI was in search for a better solution to handle a high volume of inbound calls to its 12 healthcare facilities across the state, while ensuring that they remain in compliance with the HIPAA requirements.

After an exhaustive vendor search and careful consideration, CCI deployed Evolve IPs award-winning cloud based solutions which improved their patient response time, business efficiency and addressed their staffing challenges.  In addition CCI also benefited from an encrypted voicemail service that is an integral part of Evolve IP’s reliable cloud communication solution.

John Torontow, MD, MPH, the Chief-Operating Officer of CCI noted, “Most people don’t think about HIPAA compliance when they think about voicemail. They sort of just put that to the side and say, ‘Let’s not really think about that’, but you should. Evolve IP was the only company that offered encrypted voicemail and we feel good about that, it’s just part of how you should do business.”

Click here to read more about how Evolve IP helped CCI transform their call management capabilities.

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