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Credit Union Haiku: With the cloud, financial services solutions are simple

Credit Union Haiku Blog
January 12, 2018 / Evolve IP

Haiku is an ancient art form that is simple and to the point, unlike most solutions for cloud financial services. With very few words, a great deal of information, imagery and value is generated. The 3-line poems found below follow the 5-7-5 syllabic pattern that is typical of this Japanese creation. Its unique style makes it stand apart from other poetic forms and only adds to its beauty.

In our cloud, financial services solutions thrive, so we thought that the simplicity of Haiku was appealing. These poems share many interesting parallels with Evolve IP’s OneCloud Financial:  With one, simple connection to OneCloud Financial, our multi-location credit union clients access a wealth of communication and computing capabilities that brings:

  • Improved member experience – via a unified, multi-channel communications platform connecting all branches
  • Strengthened marketing and sales – via advanced call center data and analytics
  • State of the art technology and security – including HITRUST certification and guaranteed disaster recovery protection
  • Lower total cost of ownership – through efficient and scalable technology

For cutting-edge communication and computing solutions, Evolve IP’s OneCloud Financial makes members smile. Aspects of the story are shared below, but you can click here to read fully how we made people smile at Credit Union 1. Hopefully these entries will make you smile as well!

Haiku #1: Call Center Smiles

Calls, on hold, waiting.

Members grow weary. With cloud,

Pride flows like water.

Business Translation: Credit Union 1 was using multiple disparate phone systems across 26 branches. Partnering with Evolve has lessened the burden on Credit Union 1’s IT department, improved member services by ensuring that the call center is always accessible and reduced costs.

Haiku #2: Unified Branch Communication

One credit union.

Alone and sad…but simple.

With cloud branches smile.

Business Translation: Evolve IP replaced disparate phone systems which made cross-branch communication difficult. Now, with integrated communications across all locations, the OneCloud solution ensures that the organization’s multiple branches are seamlessly connected. For incoming member service or member acquisition calls, Credit Union 1 implemented a dispersed call center solution across the branches to alleviate the risk of relying on one location. Calls can bounce from one branch to the next, so if a branch loses power, or doesn’t have associates available to answer calls, another branch can step in and accept the call. Calls are not missed, and service stays at a premier level.

Haiku #3: Scalability To Reach The Stars

Tree branches seek sky.

Credit Union branches too.

Cloud’s reach touches stars.

Business Translation:  By consolidating and moving their various outdated phone systems into a single, integrated cloud-based solution, Credit Union 1 simplified their business and dramatically reduced the administrative burden on their technical teams. Not only are they saving over $4000 per month, but they improved service quality and now get immediate access to new features and services as they are released. Further, they business’s data is protected by a solid disaster recovery capability and is secured in a world-class, HITRUST certified cloud environment.

Haiku #4: Joyous Member Experience

Where the cloud thrives,

Member experience tears

Turn to simple joy.

Business Translation:  As credit unions compete with for new members, service levels and the customer experience are critical differentiators. Credit Union 1’s ability to provide outstanding experiences – both inside the branch and out – impacts its reputation and ability to grow.

If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy reading this credit union comic from our cloud cartoon library. To learn more about our award winning solutions for credit unions, contact us today or download this credit union services overview.

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