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Disaster Wake-up Call: Can Moving DR to the Cloud Really Safeguard Your Business? Part 3

June 7, 2013 / Evolve IP


In Marvel’s newly released “Iron Man 3,” Robert Downey Jr.’s snide Tony Stark builds a whole new fantastical suit of iron – wildly fitted with high-tech gadgetry that empowers the hero to fight evil. Tony thought of everything when he designed and built the suit with an “N+1” architecture in mind so that nothing would go wrong. Likewise, for the cloud to really do the job of protecting your data, applications and communications systems from peril, the provider must be similarly suited. In other words, the cloud needs more than just the cloud to fully support your Disaster Avoidance strategies.

Here are a few quick tips to help evaluate potential cloud providers:

  • The right cloud provider must have invested in geographically disparate data centers. Period. There is no other option.
  • These data centers much be physically safe (think no flood or earthquake zone and secure access).
  • The right cloud provider must have world-class technology centers for its infrastructure – complete with dual power grids, multiple battery lines, emergency generators, back-up fuel supply, a non-water based fire-suppression system, VESDA smoke detection and thermal detectors, a fail-safe alarm system, adequate cooling and ventilation, and more.
  • The right cloud provider must have ‘active active’ connections with network providers so that if one provider is down, another is up. If any one of the upstream providers goes down, the others stay running and so does your company. In fact, the more connections, the better.
  • Of course, the provider should also demonstrate that it regularly does preventative maintenance on all of its systems.

Finally, the ‘Iron Man of cloud providers’ must employ certified experts and processes that have been drilled repeatedly with tangible, proven test and control processes. Mission critical and compliance regulated organizations will need an even greater sense of security and will need to look for third-party audited service providers with compliance focused around SSAE, SOC, PCI or HIPAA.

Despite the growing number of bandwagon cloud providers that are trying to leverage the cloud trend, success still comes down to smart people who are skilled and prepared. Technology is a great enabler but it’s the people and processes behind the curtain that make the difference. At Evolve IP, we work with you and your DR team to help develop a failsafe plan that avoids disaster, whether that’s just a brief power outage or widespread disaster. Download a thorough DR checklist here, and then talk to us about cloudsourcing your critical systems to Evolve IP to eliminate concern that a disaster will affect your business.

Its Disaster Avoidance fit for super heroes.

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