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Do-Not-Call Package

February 1, 2017 / Evolve IP

How do you ensure that you comply with the regulatory requirements surrounding the do-not-call registry without needing an expensive live call? An IVR system with a do-not-call package is the solution.


With every outgoing commercial telephone call, you are required to report the existence of the do-not-call registry. The entry in the registry may take a while, as several categories need to be reviewed. This means a call can take much longer, resulting in additional costs. A better option is to meet this requirement using an IVR. This way, you always act in accordance with the law, and the ‘live’ call duration is not extended.

Evolve IP has developed a do-not-call package in accordance with the legislation, which handles registrations for both the do-not-call register and the right to object via IVR. You can listen to an example via +31 10 7111364. Don’t worry, you won’t really be registered.

Categories: Call Center Unified Communications
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