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Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship

Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship
November 30, 2017 / Evolve IP

Evolve IP’s annual Cloud Scholarship is designed to help students who are studying for a career in technology or computer sciences. The scholarships are awarded based on need coupled with the strengths of the candidate’s academic background and demonstrated leadership. This is our third year distributing the scholarship and we couldn’t be more pleased with the assistance that it has provided for many students!

The 2016 Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship winners were selected from hundreds of applicants for their academic performance and their thirst for knowledge. Our first place winner, Alea Delmastro, has reached out to us and said that the scholarship has provided her with an opportunity to pursue her goal of obtaining a chemical engineering degree from Stanford. This summer, Alea was selected for a competitive internship position in a High-Energy-Density Physics Laboratory at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This internship allowed her to work with a team of nuclear engineers, physicists, and computer scientists on a project to study historic films of atmospheric nuclear tests.

Each year, we sort through hundreds of applicants to determine who is most deserving of the Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship. We are pleased to announce that Raul Leclair from the University of Pennsylvania and Justin Kim from the University of Virginia have been selected to receive the 2017 Cloud Scholarship! Raul and Justin both exemplify exactly what it takes to be awarded this scholarship and we are thrilled that we could help such dedicated scholars in their pursuit of a college degree.

Follow the link to learn more about our annual scholarship and to submit your free application.

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