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How Reliable is Your Data Backup Storage Plan?

November 23, 2015 / Evolve IP

Most businesses collect, retain and transmit data on a daily basis – data that is critical to the success of their organization. The threat of data theft, natural disasters and hardware failures can result in a hard hit to an organization’s bottom line, costing days of downtime, thousands of dollars and irreversible damage to an organization’s reputation.

  • The average cost of a single incident of data loss is $10,000 – McGladrey and Pullen
  • SMB’s experience a median of six outages per calendar year – Symantec
  • 43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open, 29% close within two years – McGladrey and Pullen

How prepared is your organization? For some other interesting stats on disaster recovery, download your copy of the Evolve IP 2015 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity survey paper.

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