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How to Prepare for the Worst with Leading DRaaS Technology – Part 1

September 12, 2015 / Evolve IP

Part 1: How LEAF Commercial Capital Prepared for Disaster – Safeguarding Your Business

Ben Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” A jarring statement, but never has this been more true – especially in today’s business world so reliant on networks of crisscrossing terabytes of data. However, not all companies heed Franklin’s pragmatism. In Evolve IP’s 2015 survey of 2,084 executive and IT professionals, over half reveal that they are either somewhat, or completely unprepared for an IT disaster.

Rusty Lorenzon, Director of IT Infrastruc­ture for Philadelphia-based LEAF Com­mercial Capital, vowed that his company would not be part of that group. LEAF is a nationwide equipment leasing and finance company working to assist dealers, resell­ers, manufacturers, and distributors in a wide range of industries maximize financing as a revenue-generating strategy. The company leverages strategic partnerships plus an experienced team of more than 250 employees spread across three offices in the U.S. to respond quickly to market shifts and customer needs. LEAF is expanding at a breakneck pace, too, recently named one of Philadelphia’s fastest growing privately held companies.

LEAF’s Lorenzon manages a multi-tasking technology team of 6 employees that, collectively, maintain the company’s entire infrastructure. “It’s my job to leverage technology strategically to help our organization remain nimble and competitive while protecting our IT assets,” explained Lorenzon. “I wear many hats and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but I also want to create a more enduring and transformative business impact. The cloud levels the playing field by enabling us to take advantage of world-class software like a large company yet provide small-company responsiveness.”

LEAF took its inaugural flight into the cloud recently when it replaced its tape-based disaster recovery (DR) system with a new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. DR has been one of IT executives’ top 10 priorities for both 2014 and 2015, according to dozens of surveys including those conducted by reputable organizations like TechTarget, National Association of CIOs, and Gartner. Wisely, Lorenzon decided to upgrade this vital area first and evaluated various providers, including Evolve IP.

“We looked at a few options but most were very dependent on a storage server and were very expensive to upgrade. Evolve IP offered a simple, streamlined solution in the cloud with a fair, simple cost structure. Evolve IP’s DRaaS solution is also easily scalable – which is important for us as we are growing quickly. Our sales office jumped 50% this year alone,” said Lorenzon. “Plus, Evolve IP offered value-added services, serving as an extension of my team. Rather than just dropping off infrastructure at the door, Evolve IP would guide us through design and implementation of a new DR plan and system.”

With Evolve IP, LEAF benefits from SLAs and geographically disperse and redun­dant, active-active configurations for business continuity in the event of a failure or outage. Evolve IP backs up data in real time, and provides an exact replica of a com­pany’s current produc­tion environment for the ultimate in reliable data recovery.

Evolve IP’s DRaaS Solution met all of LEAF’s goals plus delivered a few unexpected other benefits, which we will cover next week in Part 2: Out with Tape, in with the Cloud. Stay tuned!

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