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Is it time to upgrade to a more reliable backup system?

August 29, 2015 / Evolve IP


It takes many tools to keep IT systems running smoothly, and as newer technologies appear, older ones become obsolete. When is it time to make the switch… before it’s too late?

According to a Yankee Group survey, the documented lifetime failure rate for on-site backup tapes is 50%. Can you trust your critical data to such an unreliable backup method?

Based on a recent analysis of 2,084 organizations, 45% of those surveyed rely upon backup tapes as their primary data recovery implementation. In addition, 41.5% of respondents safeguard their data with additional servers and devices at their primary site, while a shocking 5% utilize no data recovery implementation of any kind. Each legacy method poses serious security risks that could potentially grind your daily responsibilities to a screeching halt.

The first step towards creating that safety net is to decide which service is right for you, and Evolve IP is here to help. Explore our disaster recovery report for more information on properly defending your business in times of crisis.

Categories: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Cloud Computing
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