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Lower Workload and Less Stress for your Agents

June 13, 2017 / Evolve IP

With Cloud Services from Evolve IP

Overworked agents and fewer satisfied customers create a lot of stress for customer contact managers. The number of customers that pick up is larger than expected. This results in long waiting times and stressed employees at the contact centre. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a cloud contact centre, such peaks are easily absorbed.


You Unexpectedly Need Extra Capacity

We know like no other that really is hard to predict. No matter how well you’ve adapted the planning for your department to the expected flow of contact attempts, unexpected incidents or activities from other departments will always come in between!

Some examples of causes that suddenly ask for extra capacity:

  • A marketing campaign is very successful and there is a lot of response. Only you didn’t know about this campaign.
  • Your organisation makes it to the news, resulting in lots of customer questions.
  • A production mistake calls for a product recall


Disappointed customers and stressed agents

The waiting times are increasing, disappointed customers hang up and vent their frustration about your company’s bad service on social media. Your department is not able to quickly and adequately process all customer requests, leading to unsatisfied customers.

Another frustration: to save the situation, you want to quickly adapt to the current situation within your organisation, but you are dependent on:

  • IT support to execute settings in the system, like changing your selection menus
  • the capacity and functionality of your contact centre system


The Solution: Cloud Contact Center

With a cloud solution, you can easily change the settings for your contact centre in real time. You control the management via a user-friendly online tool. You directly influence the needed capacity of the contact centre, unburdening your employees.

You can manage all this yourself in your cloud solution’s online tool, thereby vastly relieving the pressure on your contact centre:

  • Change the routing of incoming calls
  • Change notices, for example opening hours
  • Adjust your selection menus
  • Deploy temporary communication channels which do not demand real-time communication
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