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No More Income from Your 0900 Service Numbers. What now?

June 29, 2017 / Evolve IP

As of July 1, the information charge for 0900 information numbers will cease to exist. This means you will no longer receive income from customer’s contact attempts.

It is wise to decide what the consequences are for your customer service department before the holidays. Take action now before the new law is implemented on July 1. Some aspects to think about are:

  • Are you expecting an increase in contact attempts by phone when the financial threshold for your customers to contact you through a 0900 number ceases to exist?
  • Are you going to change your customer contact processes because the costs for your information service by phone are no longer (partially) covered through the income of your 0900 service numbers?


The Alternative

When you keep your 0900 number or switch to a 0800 number with your current provider, you will keep the high (mobile) costs for the use of a service number. It will be cheaper for you to switch to a 088 business number or a regional number.

Evolve IP advises to no longer use a service number for your existing customers. After all, you’ll have the high costs without the corresponding income. It will be better to switch to a 088 or regional number and take a good look at all the underlying processes if you want to offer your customers a phone option.


Communication Partner

Do you want to keep the service number so you can charge new customers? With customer recognition, Evolve IP can help you differentiate between new and existing customers.

Evolve IP has the knowledge and technology to promote more efficiency within your customer contact organisation and to help create satisfied and loyal customers who feel understood when they contact your company. Want to know more? Contact an Evolve IP consultant via +44 (0)203 326 0800 or


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