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The Race to the Cloud is on

race to the cloud
November 13, 2017 / Evolve IP

It’s no longer about offering hosted voice to demonstrate the benefits over a premise-based BBX solution, it’s all about hosted UC and how it can be delivered, writes Paul Harrison, Managing Director, the voicefactory (TVF). We know more than most that nothing stands still so a solution provider must lead from the front and be agile in innovation and development by offering an open platform that is carrier-grade and brandable. If your provider promotes their brad and can only offer one or two solutions they will struggle in the race – and so will you.

Consolidation is happening all around us. Companies from outside the UK and European businesses with the smaller providers all but gone in the US. If you grow your business with a focus on the small enterprise you are also at risk to customer churn through increased competition. Similar providers will offer better prices and shiny new features that will be too tempting to avoid, small customers will churn again and again.

We at TVF recognised this some years ago and so out average seat size is 100-plus. We specialise in vertical’s by delivering the most advanced solutions to fully meet and exceed the business requirements of the larger enterprise. To be successful in the mid to large enterprise market you must have a domestic and international offering, and deliver more advanced hosted UC solutions such as omni call centre, PCI call recording, analytics and FMC. The solution has to be carrier grade with a guaranteed 5x9s Service Level Agreement, giving you a confidence that other providers cannot even come close to the solution you can offer.

Who will win the race? All businesses and all verticals are ready for hosted UC but struggle to find the right solution or partner that can understand their requirements. If you’re selling a one-size-fits-all solution from one of the large UK providers you will be restricted by the lack of flexibility, resulting in no differentiation. To make matters worse your chosen partner will sometimes go direct for the larger deals and end up competing for the same business. With nothing more than the price in your locker, you must reduce your margin, and even then may not get to the table. You will never escape the small business market.

Hosted UC is ready for every business or vertical if you choose the right partner. We at TVF don’t believe in one-size-fits-all and allow our partners to brand and deliver the most today, with no boundaries. We never compete with our partners and adopt a 100 per cent indirect model.

It’s not a race to the bottom, but a race to the cloud, offering value add and bespoke solutions nationally and internally. Your provider must be able to offer you an open ecosystem with your own brand and open APIs for third-party integration. They also need to offer international reach to 70-plus countries so you can go beyond the cloud and beyond the small business.

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