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Spotlight on the Most Interesting New Devices for Accessing Your DaaS Desktop

Cloud Computing and Cloud Virtualization
August 22, 2015 / Evolve IP

If you are a tech geek, this is the blog post for you. I’m excited to be writing about some of the coolest devices on the market today that are used to access a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) desktop.

The one thing in common about all of these devices are that they are all thin clients. A thin client (sometimes called a zero client) gives you the ability to work remotely and use a service like DaaS anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Microsoft Surface Pro3

Utilizing the Surface Pro 3 as either a laptop or tablet has proven beneficial when connecting to the Evolve IP DaaS environment, which is powered by VMware. With the onscreen keyboard and ultra-portability and boot time, the Surface Pro 3 has allowed me to instantly connect to the DaaS environment where my persistent desktop is waiting and available for me to pick up right where I left off during my last use.

While traveling, when other commuters notice me working on my desktop via the Surface, I often find myself answering questions such as, “How are you connected to a windows desktop on that tablet?”

Immediately following client meetings or network events, I commonly connect to the DaaS environment during my train ride back to the office, so that I can quickly and efficiently e-mail whatever marketing collateral or other additional information I have promised to deliver to the client or contact, which is a huge time saver. Not to mention how that level of responsiveness improves the relationship.

VMware DaaS For Dummies Guide

Physical desktop computers with locally installed operating systems and applications no longer make sense for the modern business world.


Chromebooks are an attractive option because they are very affordable, costing around $130 on average. The only real downside to this option is that you can only use a Chromebook if you have an Internet connection. There are some applications that Google Chrome offers via their app store that can be used offline and saved to.

I recognized the value in it when I started using DaaS. I have a preference for using Microsoft applications over Google Docs, especially for work, so I wouldn’t want to use a device that forces me to use applications I don’t want to use. With DaaS, I’m able to log into my desktop on the Chromebook and use anything Microsoft, which is one of the biggest perks. I can remote in and save something on my Chromebook, then go onto my desktop back at the office and remote in again and the changes I made on my Chromebook will be reflected on the desktop.

Organizations with large sales teams or many associates working on the road would find this especially valuable because it is far more reliable than using a VPN to access company information.

Dell Wyse Stick (Wyse Cloud Connect) and Intel Compute Stick

With just Windows 8.1 on an HDMI drive, and a blue tooth or USB keyboard and mouse, I can seamlessly connect to the Evolve IP DaaS environment, from the Intel Compute Stick or Dell Wyse Stick. You read that correctly: no laptop, netbook, or tablet are required to access your persistent desktop.

The Dell Wyse Stick and the Intel Compute stick are about the size of a USB. You are able to use either with any device that has a USB port. The convenience of having access to any of your applications with any USB port is unparalleled. You can turn any TV or monitor into YOUR desktop, within just a few minutes, without engaging with an IT guy or tech support. This form factor and local functionality is a true game changer for portable cloud desktop computing.

WiFi and Bluetooth are also available on certain thin clients. The Dell Wyse stick comes on android software, but since it has WiFi, you can use it with other software.

These products have been marketed towards anyone who has to balance offices, because these devices will be incredibly valuable to them, providing mobility and agility that make their lives easier. I also find it is impressive to take to client meetings where I know there is a screen with a USB I can plug the stick into and give my presentation from my desktop without a laptop.

Dell All-in-One

The Dell All-In-One (AIO) is essentially a desktop package that integrates the computer case and system components into the actual monitor, so that the entire PC is contained in one unit. A specific example is the Wyse Series All-In-One, which uses an ultra-secure Wyse thin client. They are secure enough, in fact, that banks have actually used Wyse thin-clients for years.

These All-in-One devices are very business friends, due to the security factor and because they save desktop space with less hardware hassle.

Regardless of the type of client you use to access your DaaS desktop, the mobility and productivity advantages of DaaS are undeniable.

To learn more about Desktop as a Service, sign in our “Top 5 Reasons to Deploy DaaS”

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