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The problem with cloud service providers

April 26, 2012 / Evolve IP

The problem with cloud service providers was brought to my attention by a recent article in the April issue of Channel Partners magazine. In “The Rise of the Cloud Integrator,” Editor Khali Henderson explored the state of the cloud services industry today and identified a significant opportunity for a new type of company called cloud integrators to act as a liaison of sorts between cloud services providers and customers to help make the promise of what the providers are offering a reality in customer organizations. The rationale is that while cloud services providers are good at selling individual cloud services, the majority of them are only good at one thing. This causes a need for integration not only with internal systems but with other singular cloud-based solutions.

My initial reaction? This is why we started Evolve IP. So that there would be a solution available that integrates multiple cloud services (UC, virtual server, virtual desktop, network management, network security, etc.) right out of the box.

I decided to share these thoughts with Channel Partners readers. Check out my rebuttal when you have a moment; I’m curious to hear what you think. Do you see this rise of cloud integrators as an inevitable and necessary movement in the industry? Or do you think it is a symptom of a challenge that needs to be overcome? Integrators, what do you have to say?

Problem with cloud services providers

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