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Triple your income with virtual desktop solutions

March 26, 2012 / Evolve IP

Over the past 30 years there have been several significant events in the lives of channel partners. I’m not talking about marriages, graduations, birthdays, or Super Bowl victories (or losses, if you’re from Philadelphia). I’m talking about milestones that enable the building of the channel partner business — unique, watershed events that many of you have taken advantage of to increase levels of income and prosperity.

The first of these was the divestiture of AT&T in 1984, which created long-distance phone service competition. Twelve years later we were given the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which enabled local phone service competition. Throughout the next decade, we saw the emergence of MPLS, HPBX, and multiple forms of managed services. The trend of delivering services and applications from a data center spread from simple network and data infrastructure management and security functions to full-out application delivery. MSPs, ASPs, ITSPs, CaaS, SaaS, and more, came alive. While these also offer channel partners the opportunity to make money, they don’t compare to the turning points of 1984 and 1996.

But 2012 is bringing another opportunity that is on par with these watershed events, one that could triple your income from existing customers: the virtualization of the desktop.

Sure, the virtual desktop has existed in various forms for some time. But until now, it hasn’t been available to you while being fully supported by industry experts in the recurring commission model on which you have built your business.

Let’s do the math. You have a 50-person client that uses you for carrier network services. The client spends $1,200 per month with those carriers, which pay you 15 percent per month. Your monthly income is a consistent $180.

Now consider this common scenario: You help your client reduce these costs by 10 percent. You keep your customer, but decrease your income. The before and after would look something like this:

Network-only services

Network-only renewal (10% less)

At some point, your client’s PBX system might age past the point of usefulness, or the client might decide it needs new features to support its business. In this case, you can sell your client an HPBX, providing the features and functionality it wants are less than it would pay for a new premise-based system. In turn, your income would grow. The once $1,200-a-month client turns into a $2,000-a-month client, and your income almost doubles to $320 per month. See the chart below.

Adding HPBX increases MRR by 40%

This is obviously a better scenario for you than the network renewal scenario below. Of course, you’re not going to be able to achieve this with all of your clients, but a significant portion of them likely qualify for HPBX. Successfully implementing this technology for them not only increases your income but it also increases the value you deliver to your clients.

But you still have one more opportunity to triple your income (and your value) from that same client. By adding a virtual desktop solution to your client’s portfolio, you can quickly turn that $1,200-a-month-client into a $6,000-a-month-client, and bring your monthly revenue up to $900.

Adding Virtual Desktop triples your income

Probably the more satisfying element of this third scenario, though, is the value you bring to your client. A report by IDC shows that virtual desktops will save organizations 70 percent over their current costs — a real driver that could make opportunities to implement virtual desktops even more prevalent than those for HPBX and other managed services.

To help you get a jump on others that might introduce this concept to your clients, we’ve been developing tools to help you qualify your clients, and have added a group of talented individuals to support you in this endeavor. We’re ready for this evolution. Are you? Leave us a comment below or shoot me an email with any questions or comments.

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