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TVF Wins again!

June 11, 2019 / Evolve IP

TVF awarded M&A Deal of the Year at the ICT Investment Forum

Since the acquisition, thevoicefactory – an Evolve IP company, has deepened its vertical presence, expanded its product offerings and platform, and experienced double-digit revenue growth. The award was presented February 28th by BPL Business Media, one of the UK’s leading technology, research, and media groups.

thevoicefactory came to Evolve IP with a focus on vertical markets and since the acquisition, their presence and capabilities have deepened. Today, the company is the world’s leading provider of hosted unified communications to the hospitality market with services deployed in 37 countries in some of the largest hotels in the world. The sophisticated system offers comprehensive features for both guests and staff including call centre, checkout and mobility applications.

The business also leads the market for automotive dealers and manufactures in the UK and France and has just expanded services to Ireland and the Benelux region. The unique cloud solution enables improved business processes by centralizing critical communications functions, e.g. sales and servicing, for multi-site car dealerships. Additionally, leveraging the organization’s deep institutional knowledge of healthcare and compliance, the teams have identified significant potential in the assisted living and healthcare markets in the UK.

“We truly appreciate the recognition from the organizers of the ICT Investment Forum,” said Michael Eisner, SVP of Corporate Development for Evolve IP. “The success of this acquisition can be directly attributed to Paul Harrison, Ian Whitman and the incredible associates on the TVF team. They have continued to deliver great results, both for our clients and for the organization, delivering growth in the UK, EU and global marketplace. I would also like to thank Jeff Coursen and the rest of our M&A and integration teams for their great work on this acquisition.”

“The cultural alignment, coupled with the product and technology fits of our combined organizations, have made this acquisition work fantastically well,” said Paul Harrison, Managing Director of Evolve IP, thevoicefactory. “The team at Evolve IP has provided us with the resources to take our business to the next level and we’re very enthused about our rapid growth since the acquisition took place. We expect to accelerate our vertical and global presence even faster going forward.”

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