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What is UCaaS & Business Collaboration?

July 9, 2018 / Evolve IP

In almost any business scenario, collaboration pays off. So does everyone involved with a project sharing a unified perspective. Is it any surprise then to learn that Unified Communications as a Service and Business Collaboration bring significant benefits to your business? Here’s what they are and why they help so much:

What is UCaaS & Business Collaboration?

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) simplifies enterprise communications. In our increasingly digital and highly mobile work environments, employees are looking to communicate with a variety of devices. Voice is no longer enough. The business needs to enable seamless and secure communications via text, video, email, and more — no matter whether the employee is on-premise or not.
  • Business Collaboration builds on this idea by integrating many solutions together to enable near-real-time collaboration using a variety of technologies. With Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC & C), business processes become more efficient with all different communications and collaboration tools — such as voice, IM, email, chat, web conferencing, desktop sharing, and integrated applications — accessed on one consistent platform in the office, out in the field, or on the road.

4 Benefits of UCaaS & Business Collaboration

UCaaS and Business Collaboration optimize work processes by allowing employees to manage their availability (presence), access business communications applications in the office or in the field (mobility), gain real-time insights into their co-workers and customers across channels (integration), and use many communications tools concurrently (collaboration). Consider these four key benefits of enterprise UCaaS.

Looking for a UC Strategy?

If you’re unclear about UC, then you should definitely read this paper that we’ve designed around the top trends & benefits of UCaaS.

1. Enhanced Productivity

Your employees need to complete their projects and tasks from anywhere. Avoid frustration and disengagement by reducing obstacles with UCaaS providing remote workers with ready access to the same services as your office-based employees.

UC & C also empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly by making it easier to, for example, screen share or co-create and edit documents. With unified messaging, conferencing and teamwork applications, coordinating teamwork and sharing ideas is that much easier. Plus, the UCaaS solution can provide presence insights to other employees, helping users to know if the person they need is free or busy.

This global, simplified communications platform also offers real-time visibility into enterprise communications across multiple channels. Analyzing actual data instead of relying on anecdotal evidence can help optimize workflow and drive greater employee productivity.


2. Reduced Costs

As a digital, cloud-based solution, UCaaS offers a significant reduction in communications costs. After all, the business no longer needs to fund on-premise hardware, support, and maintenance. You can instead rely on an expert UCaaS provider to keep a streamlined communications system both secure and up to date.

Since time is money, cutting back on wasted time should also be calculated into the equation. UC & C provides instant insight into coworker availability and easy access to information to reduce human latency, regardless of geographic disbursement. With this solution, you can free up your talent to communicate and collaborate more, which can lead to business generating and revenue increasing innovations.


3. Increased Flexibility

With a single, consolidated communications system it is easier for the business to extend its communications as needed. With the Internet Protocol (IP)-based foundation, upgrades of entire systems can be handled more efficiently and effectively (with the burden placed on your UCaaS solution provider rather than your in-house team).

At the same time, UCaaS can adapt to employee demand for bring-your-own-device functionality. This cloud-based solution can allow users to interface with a single solution using their preferred devices while being able to personalize their experience too.

The right UCaaS solution also positions your organization to easily adopt new enterprise-level collaboration technologies as they evolve.


4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

The UCaaS solution provides on-demand scalability and reliable services to enterprise employees globally. But UCaaS can also support streamlined customer services via voice, chat, text, or video.

Whether your employee is at their desk or connecting via mobile, WiFi, or broadband, the customer will never know the difference. Meanwhile, the employee interacting with the customer can access real-time data on his or her preferred desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet device without a hitch.

Additionally, UC&C’s unification of communications makes employees more productive and efficient in addressing customer concerns. Imagine the increased customer satisfaction of a caller who is helped by a call center agent who can readily access multiple people in multiple roles to quickly find the needed answers.

Your communications solution can be more than a service. With UCaaS and Business Collaboration customized to your business needs, you gain a strategic advantage too.

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