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Launching a Work from Home Program – Part 2

August 5, 2014 / Evolve IP
This is the second part of our two-part blog that explores the top things an organization needs to consider when implementing a Work from Home program. As more and more organizations are looking to launch their own Telecommuting programs, they need to be aware of many things they need to consider before rolling out a program.

Last week, we looked at topics including:

  • Designate Physical Environment Best Practices
  • Determine Legal and Financial Policies
  • Implement a Solid Technology Solution


Here are the other important items to consider when implementing a Telecommuting program:

Build a Program Guide
An over-arching program guide is essential to a successful Work from Home program. Some important sections that should be included in the guide include: 1.) Policies & expectations 2.) Reimbursement criteria and process 3.) Troubleshooting- which would include as much descriptive step-by-step set up and troubleshooting information as possible. 4.) Reimbursement criteria and process. 5.) A Work from Home Agreement document that the employee signs that is kept on file by the HR department.

Select the Associates for the Program
Select the associates for the program and check their availability. Consider what they Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are and if the employee currently meets them. Does the employee have the “right” personality/motivation to work independently? Is the employee willing to work flexible hours or shifts, if needed?

Pilot, Evaluate, Adjust, and Deploy
Launch the program and set regularly scheduled evaluations of all aspects of the program. Monitor KPIs and calls to detect early warning signs, and actively solicit feedback from all those involved. When rolling out any changes to the program, be sure to update the guide and secure signed acceptances of the changes from all employees.

Additional Recommendations
Evaluate your program at regular intervals, and always look for ways to enhance the program. Working from home is a privilege that can be revoked at any time, and at-home workers should be expected to be on-call as needed. Here are some additional recommendations you should consider:

    • Create an at-home agent “community” to maintain those interpersonal connections and keep the office “buzz” flowing.
    • Leaders of at home workers need to cultivate engagement to prevent employees from feeling “disconnected” from the office. Consider IM and video calls to help bridge the distance.


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