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Beter Horen has chosen Evolve IP as a partner for its communication environment.

June 15, 2017 / Evolve IP

Soon, the headquarters, customer service department, and the 180 Dutch branches will start to use Evolve IP’s cloud services.

Beter Horen is part of the Amplifon Group, the worldwide market leader in personal hearing devices: ‘Bringing sound to life’. In the Netherlands, Beter Horen offers the best possible service for people with questions about their hearing devices, their hearing, or hearing problems.

A Conversation with Beter Horen

People with questions can contact the customer service any time they want. They can do this via different customer contact channels like the phone, e-mail or the website. They can also visit a hearing care professional in one of the 180 branches or one of the service points. All in all, there are many different channels, now included in one single communication environment.


Communication from the Cloud

Beter Horen is going to use the cloud for its entire communication environment. Both the headquarters and the branches will use Online Business Telephony by Evolve IP for their business telephony. To streamline incoming customer contacts, they chose the Online Routing Manager in combination with the Online Contact Center.


Completely Managed

Beter Horen now has one central communication environment that is technically managed by Evolve IP. The entire communication environment is managed in the same way and there are considerable savings on the costs for calls between the branches and headquarters.


Smart Routing

With Online Routing Manager, Beter Horen increases their insight into incoming calls for all their phone numbers. This goes for the numbers from headquarters as well as the numbers from the branches. One of the many advantages of this is that hearing care professionals in the branches will no longer be disturbed by the phone while they are helping customers.


Cloud Contact Center

The customer service department will use the Online Contact Center. This is a multichannel cloud contact centre solution with which customers get supported via multiple channels like phone, e-mail and chat, within the same environment. Customers also receive more personal support thanks to customer recognition and more efficient routing. This is done through the Online Contact Center with a standard integration for connecting the different CRM systems of Beter Horen.


The communication partner in customer contact

Beter Horen has chosen Evolve IP because of Evolve IP’s solution best matches their needs. Evolve IP has also shown this through a very successful proof of concept. With Evolve IP, Beter Horen has found a real communication partner in customer contact. Both companies collaborate closely to offer Beter Horen’s customers even better service.


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