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Carinova Uses Team Contact

April 27, 2017 / Evolve IP

Carinova is an organisation with strong, local roots. For the home care department, Evolve IP supplies its accessibility service Team Contact to 70 independent teams. With this service, Carinova offers its customers maximum accessibility by phone.

With around 4,000 employees, Carinova is active in three care areas: home care assisted care and domestic help. The care organisation is active in the South-West and Northern parts of Overijssel and in 11 municipalities, including Deventer, Hardenberg and Zwolle.

Direct Connection to the Right Employee

There are 70 independent teams within the home care department that are responsible for their own accessibility by phone. With Evolve IP’s accessibility service, employees don’t need to think about individual accessibility. The moment a customer calls the phone number of the neighbourhood team, he automatically gets transferred to the right mobile device of the employee on-call. If he is not able to answer, the call automatically gets transferred to a direct colleague or supporting team. This way, customers can reach the right care professional via one phone number.

Following other care organisations like STMR, Evean, Friese Wouden, Pieter van Foreest and Lelie Zorggroep, Carinova has also chosen the smart accessibility service from Evolve IP. Want to know more about this solution? Contact an Evolve IP consultant via +31(0)88-428 31 11

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