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CCMD and Evolve work to shorten ugent care downtime in rural America

October 1, 2015 / jbrooks

ClearChoice MD has dozens of state-of-the-art health care facilities in rural towns across the northeast.  CCMD was experiencing poor voice communications and data services which were impacting more than just their company’s productivity. They sought a new provider to improve their quality of service and data speeds. Evolve IP’s Cloud Connect network and HIPAA compliant data center service offered hope to their issues. After much consideration, CCMD chose Evolve IP to provide a single hosted PBX/ACD platform with call center capability and DR / Business Continuity.

“Now, we enjoy uninterrupted service,” Fuchs, CCMD’s IT Director, adds. “With Cloud Connect, we have eliminated intermittent phone and Internet service drops and increased the reliability of daily business tasks like writing e-prescriptions. We’ve even resolved printing issues.“ CCMD’s employee productivity is soaring, and they have already achieved a 30% ROI in terms of productivity. And as far as quality of service goes, ClearChoice MD states that Evolve IP provides the highest QoS and that it is in stark contrast with any other system they have used in the past.

To read the full article on VISTA Today, please click here: Tackling downtime in rural regions


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