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Chain of Urgent Care Clinics Benefit from Cloud-based Network Bonding Service from Evolve IP

July 8, 2015 / jbrooks

Shaun Sutner, a writer for TechTarget, covers a chain of rural urgent care clinics suffering from network and phone downtime. ClearChoiceMD had unreliable internet infrastructure and its physicians were unable to file prescriptions, access their EHR systems from DocuTAP and athenahealth, Inc. or order lab work online, and staff couldn’t communicate reliably.

“When the data link goes down, there goes charting’ there goes e-prescribing; there go customers out the door,” Alex Fuchs, IT Director, ClearChoiceMD. Fuchs and his colleagues decided they needed to find a way to ensure more uptime.

In the end, the clinic chain chose Evolve IP, a Philadelphia area-based communications and cloud services firm that sells its uptime maintenance and disaster recovery hardware and software systems to healthcare and other industries.

To read the full article on TechTarget, please click here: Chain of Urgent Care Clinics Boosts Uptime

To read Evolve IP’s Case Study on ClearChoiceMD, please click here: ClearChoiceMD Leverages Award-Winning Technology to Improve Medical Services for Under served RuralRegions

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