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Evolve IP Appears on CIOZone for Disaster Recovery Planning

January 29, 2015 / jbrooks

It happens. “It” being an IT disaster that can range from a simple server crash to business offices and datacenters destroyed by any number of environmental or malicious incidences. Few organizations find themselves immune, yet while developing and maintaining a tested disaster recovery strategy might top your CIO to-do list, time and resources often shift to revenue-generating IT initiatives.

In this article, Scott Kinka discusses a technology survey conducted by Evolve IP, highlighting key findings. For example, 34 percent of organizations have suffered a major incident that has required disaster recovery procedures. The report also shows that of those experiencing a major incident, 11 percent experienced permanent IT losses.

Kinka goes on to cover:

  • what the leading causes of incidents are,
  • implications of an IT disaster or outage,
  • major drivers for disaster recovery,
  • disaster recovery approaches.

The 2015 Evolve IP Disaster Recovery survey gained insight from 2084 IT professionals and executives during December 2014.

To read the full article on, please click here: How Does Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Stack Up?
To read Evolve IP’s survey results, please click here: 2015 Evolve IP Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Survey Results

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