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Evolve IP Knowledge Session 2016: Experiences from Our Visitors

May 22, 2017 / Evolve IP

Laura Saraceno and Erwin Schreuders (CBR) are glad they came to the meeting. ‘Anders Jansen is totally right when he says that as an organisation, we should be more open to the customer, and not so stuck in our own processes. But that won’t be easy at the CBR: we are an organisation that is very focused on procedures. So we really have to let this sink in. We found the story about the transition at the NS very informative and inspiring. We can definitely learn from that.’

Laura van Weert (GGD Hart van Brabant) went to the knowledge session for the first time. ‘My head is still reeling with all the information. I got a lot of tips and learnings which we will definitely be able to use. But I do have to think a bit more about how we can implement them in our daily business. Because we all want to surprise our customers.’

Annemarie Pietersen (Amac): ‘I have been at my current job for just two weeks. I thought it was a fun and interactive meeting. Very inspiring as well. For me, it came at exactly the right time: it is my job to make an inventory of what standards our customer contact should meet. Surprising customers is definitely a part of that. I got a lot of ideas in that department today, which I’ll definitely use!’

Michiel Vosveld (Customer Contact Services): ‘I thought the program was very well-structured: insights before the break, inspiration after the break. Good story from NS, and an impressive Anders Jansen. Of course, it is fine to use technology as much as you can, but those 9+ experiences can only be achieved through human interaction. He made that clear once more. But: how do you make your agents into inspired customer contact employees who can do that? I have a lot to think about now.’

Salvatore Fiorenza (MSI Market Service Integration): ‘We are mostly active in the financial telecom world. Old platforms and back-office systems that are hard to integrate are still very common there. Anders Jansen just told us how it should be. We have to offer an experience to the customer. Every customer contact is a sales chance, even a bad contact. Even a problem is a chance!’

Christianne Beks (Parkmobile) came to the Evolve IP meeting with two colleagues. I thought it was a very fun meeting. Especially the last speaker, Anders Jansen, in a clear way explained how you have to imagine being the customer. And that you always have to keep surprising yourself. At Parkmobile, I often have to convince the marketeers that a phone call is more effective than endlessly mailing back and forth. And that calling is cheaper in the end. I have one minor criticism. I thought the Buzzmaster was fun at the beginning of the meeting, but later I felt like it was in the way of the discussion between speakers and participants. The dialogue did not come off the ground!’

Christine Graf (Language Institute Regina Coeli) is visiting the meeting with two colleagues. ‘We have a lot of contact with businesses and private persons. We can automate, but the human component is decisive. And of course all omnichannel communication needs to be perfect. We have a 9.7 in customer satisfaction. Our goal is to unburden the client and enable them to learn a language, like English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese. Our Customers Are Our Reason for Existence And as Anders Jansen already

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