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Evolve IP Supplier and partner of Mediq Assist Germany and the Netherlands

April 12, 2019 / Evolve IP

Mediq Assist Germany chooses for implementation of Evolve IP Cloud solutions

We are proud to announce that Mediq Assist and Evolve IP Europe have signed the contract for the implementation of the Evolve IP cloud telephony solution for all offices in Germany.

Over 500 employees within the Mediq business units in Germany will be connected to the Online Business Telephony solution of Evolve IP. This results in one solution for telephony connections as well as for all contact centers of Mediq Assist.

After implementation of Evolve IP’s cloud solutions Mediq Assist will benefit from the flexibility and reliability of using telephony as a service. Their reachability and customer satisfaction will increase with the extensive features that the Evolve IP solution provides. Mediq will also benefit from extensive knowledge Evolve IP has gained in more than 30 years of experience as a consultative cloud provider.

Evolve IP is now supplier and partner for all cloud telecom solutions of Mediq in The Netherlands and Germany.

Evolve IP operates worldwide as a full cloud service provider. They offer both cloud communications and cloud computing services such as UCaaS, Office 365, Omnichannel Contactcenter solutions, office telephony and smart routing solutions.


* Leah Bayer, Manager Director Mediq Assits Germany & Remco Spierings, Director Sales and Marketing Evolve IP Europe

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