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Gone Are the Days of Standard Management Tasks for Your Communication Environment

June 22, 2017 / Evolve IP

There is nothing better than developing new IT solutions that support the core business processes of your organisation. This way, you can help your organisation distinguish itself from the masses. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time to do this as there are constantly other priorities and you have to keep the existing legacy environment up and running.

We know that the management of on-premise communications systems takes up a lot of time. The changes are standard, offer little challenge for you employee and no big wins for your organisation. They are “have tos”.

The Problems with an On-Premise Communication System

Because your telephony and contact centres have been around for a long time, there have been many custom changes and you are now stuck with an almost uncontrollable legacy environment. You therefore usually depend on one or more IT employees with a knowledge of your communication environment and the systems connected to it. These people usually have to be certified to be allowed to make changes. These certificates are expensive and take up a lot of time for your employees. Your IT department is constantly putting out fires. Your current communication environment is increasingly prone to incidents and you constantly have to carry out moves adds & changes. Furthermore, you have to carry out an extensive and costly acceptance test after every change.

Is There a Different Way?

As an IT manager, you are responsible for the accessibility of your organisation. When a problem arises that compromises your organisation’s accessibility, it is code red. Your service desk is overflowed with incident reports and the management is anxiously looking over your shoulder. This has to be taken care of with the highest urgency. All other projects must be put on hold until this is fixed.

Less Management with Cloud Communication

By using a cloud service, the operational management becomes the responsibility of your service provider. Via an online management portal, the business organisation can adjust the communication environment to their needs. Your IT organisation can focus on company-specific IT trajectories which support the core processes of your business. This way, your IT department has the most added value for your organisation.

No Hassle with Integrations Any More

This is the moment for making the switch to standard cloud services. The company is requesting to ‘simply integrate the IT environments’, for example integrating the communication environment with the CRM and ERP environments. Or adding an extra customer contact channel like WhatsApp. Integrating these different environments is a lot easier with standard cloud IP services.

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