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HOSPITALITY EVOLVED – The global leader in hosted UC for the hospitality market

October 28, 2021 / Evolve IP

Whilst Evolve IP supports a wide range of sectors, hospitality is certainly an industry where the Evolve IP UK & EU team is a global leader in providing hosted UC solutions. After the hospitality industry took a massive hit during the pandemic, Evolve IP has seen a huge surge in leading 5-star hospitality organisations taking advantage of Evolve IP’s latest solution, Hospitality Evolved.

We spoke to Managing Director, Paul Harrison to get his thoughts on why hospitality clients are so interested in the Hospitality Evolved solution.  “With this new hosted UC solution, we can help solve a huge problem within the industry that’s not only cost effective, but it also provides next generation technology to ensure the customer journey from the first point of contact is VIP all the way.”

During these uncertain times of rapidly changing travel restrictions, businesses need to look at ways they can consolidate and lower risks. Hospitality Evolved is the answer to solving this very problem, providing businesses with an ‘Occupancy Charging’ Hosted UC solution that helps to streamline costs for their business. “Our customers only pay for a phone service when there is a guest checked into the room. No guest means no cost to the hotel for the room; so, we share the risk with our customers,” Mr. Harrison, added “We go even further though, by removing boundaries that other Hosted UC Carriers put up by allowing our solutions to be deployed globally. We take care of the technical and regulatory challenges and provide the option to replace the on-premise PBX with our next generation telephony.”

This has revolutionised what hospitality companies will now expect of providers like Evolve IP. The team recently connected a leading 5-star hotel to this very service. Over the last 6-8 months Hospitality Evolved has been deployed globally in locations including the Caribbean, Italy (Rome and Milan), Paris, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), the UK, Israel, the USA and Hong Kong, among others.

“As the only carrier to deliver a seamless global hosted UC solution,” observes Mr. Harrison, “our international expansion will continue to gain momentum.” “Large enterprise customers operating a global employee base have turned to Evolve IP to deliver the only truly integrated hosted UC solution in the market. If the customer wants just standard Unified Communications, WebEx or MS Teams, we are the only ones that can provide it on a global scale.”

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