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NIP Uses Online Business Telephony

June 5, 2017 / Evolve IP

The Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP) introduces the new way of working and found the communication solution to achieve this in the Evolve IP Online Business Telephony with contact centre functionality. With the use of this cloud communication environment, the biggest industry association for psychologists in the Netherlands enables its employees to easily organise their individual accessibility themselves.

With over 13,000 members, the NIP is the biggest industry association for psychologists in the Netherlands. The association promotes the interests of its members and offers them a platform to exchange knowledge. The NIP also promotes psychology in general and has a department of information provision especially for this.

Flexible Working Solution

Thanks to Online Business Telephony, every NIP employee can log in to any given mobile or landline device at any given time and receive calls. This makes it very easy for the employees to flexi work.

Contact Center Functionality

The information provision department will get the contact centre functionality with which incoming phone calls can be efficiently handled. This way, the NIP will get better insights into their traffic and a complete management report. On top of that, employees automatically get shown the customer card, thanks to the integration with the CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics). This will have all the relevant customer information.

Communication partner in customer contact

With Evolve IP Online Business Telephony with contact centre functionality, the NIP gets a flexible and scalable solution which supports the new way of working. With Evolve IP, NIP has found a real communication partner in customer contact. Both organisations are closely collaborating to offer members an even better service.

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