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Optimum Accessibility for Home Care Teams Lelie Zorggroep

February 26, 2017 / Evolve IP

Lelie Zorggroep has a broad offer of home care solutions. Within the home care department, Evolve IP delivers an accessibility solution to ten self-organised teams.

Care at Home

A little while ago, the Lelie Zorggroep started working on self-organising teams within their home care concept, in which more than 1,600 employees are active. Experience has taught us that these teams struggle with accessibility by phone. It is a lot of effort to get the phone number of the mobile neighbourhood team to land at the right employee. In the end, this takes a toll on the customer experience.

Nedap Connection

Because Evolve IP connects the duty-roster of the employees within the Nedap planning package, employees don’t have to think about individual accessibility any more. The moment a customer calls the phone number of the mobile neighbourhood team, he automatically gets transferred to the right mobile device of the employee on-call.

They are currently starting to set up ten self-organising teams. With this clever solution, the Lelie Zorggroep gets the best insight into their accessibility by phone. The extensive reporting includes things like the number of calls and peak moments. Ultimately, the most important reason to set up this service is the improved customer experience for customers of the Lelie Zorggroep.

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