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Sabewa Zeeland uses Evolve IP’s Cloud Contact Center Services

April 12, 2017 / Evolve IP

Taxation association Sabewa Zeeland has been using Evolve IP’s Cloud Contact Center Services for a couple of months. This way, the organisation has optimum accessibility and can easily make adjustments themselves. Furthermore, Sabewa Zeeland now has a real communication partner for customer contact.

Sabewa Zeeland takes care of the levy and collection of water board taxes in the name of water board Scheldestromen, and the municipal taxes for eight municipalities in Zeeland, including Goes and Terneuzen. Furthermore, Sabewa Zeeland performs tasks and projects for the joined municipalities as part of the law on real estate (“Wet WOZ”).

Accessibility Problems

The joint venture from Zeeland used to struggle with accessibility problems and didn’t have the means to make changes and adjustments themselves. The problems mostly appeared when a large number of tax assessments was sent out. Customers tried to contact the organisation en masse, but because of a large number of callers, they were sometimes disconnected. This, of course, led to unsatisfied customers, so something had to change.

Communication Partner in Customer Contact

Sabewa Zeeland went looking for a new customer contact solution and was mainly looking for an organisation that could advise and support them. ‘We eventually ended up at Evolve IP’, says Johanneke Bosschaart-van Heulekom, Management Secretary at Sabewa Zeeland. ‘While talking to them, we really noticed they thought along and were looking closely at our internal processes.’ Now that Sabewa Zeeland has used the Evolve IP cloud contact centre services for a couple of months, the organisation is noticing that they are working together with a real communication partner in customer contact. ‘The other day we had to suddenly add agents to our contact centre. Evolve IP reacted quickly and delivered the services we asked for.’

The people responsible for customer contact at Sabewa Zeeland no longer need the IT department for changes to the contact centre system. ‘Thanks to the online management portal, we can easily make changes to our accessibility ourselves. With one push of a button, we can change our selection menu.’

Record Calls

Sabewa Zeeland also uses the integrated Call Recording solution. ‘When it comes to managing complaints, it is important to listen and listen again. In some cases it might be helpful to listen to the phone call together with the customer, so you can look at what could be improved. We reach a higher level of service this way, which of course leads to more satisfied customers!’

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