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Credit Union 1 Streamlines Call Center Process with Evolve IP

Credit Union 1 sought a simplified solution to replace their various phone systems and facilitate effective cross-branch communications. Evolve IP’s simplified interface takes the technical responsibilities away from the IT team, thus solidifying disaster recovery capabilities and connecting all facets of this organization like never before.

Business Situation:

Credit Union 1 was using multiple disparate phone systems across 26 branches, which was a burden for the small IT department tasked with facilitating call center processes. The responsibility for learning these varied and antiquated systems impacted the overall effectiveness of the call center across the branches.


Evolve IP’s OneCloudTM offerings include a cloud-based communications system that facilitates a dispersed call center. Partnering with Evolve has lessened the burden on Credit Union 1’s IT department, improved member services by ensuring that the call center is always accessible and reduced costs.



  • Evolve IP’s OneCloud™
  • Unified Communications as a Service
  • Cloud Contact Center


  • Streamlined communications to meet member needs
  • Integrated communications across all locations
  • Increased call volume capability



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