Cloud Migrations Services from Evolve IP are designed to bridge the gap for customers migrating to the cloud. Many organizations want to go “cloud” but often struggle with the lack of resources to get there. Our specialized Evolve IP Cloud Migration Team follows proven best practices to ensure customer environments are relocated safely and efficiently to the Evolve IP Cloud. Coupling the Evolve IP cloud with expert migration services ensures a successful deployment and guarantees customer satisfaction.


Evolve IP Provides Customers with a Predictable Path to the Cloud

  • Quickly and easily migrate systems to the cloud
  • Leverage the skills and experience of dedicated migration specialists
  • Experience little or no downtime during migration
  • Remain in control of cutover
  • Shorten time to implementation
  • Easy-to-understand packages at fixed-prices


Server Migration Packages

Full Server Migration File Server Migration Print Server Migration AD Server Setup and Promotion
Full image level migration of your servers to the Evolve IP Cloud. Lean on Evolve IP to move your data and permissions from existing environments and to the Evolve IP Virtual Infrastructure. Engage Evolve IP to install printer drivers and ensure proper printing throughout your environment. Cleanly add additional Active Directory systems to your domain. Evolve IP will ensure proper replication and configuration.

Other Migration Packages

Email Migration Enterprise Desktop Build
Migrate from your existing email to evolved exchange-a hosted exchange service with a 99.999% update and built-in email defense. Work with an Evolve IP engineer to install your applications in the Evolved Office: Virtual Desktop Environment

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