Q: How can the VMWare View Client be deployed?

A: Using the Evolved Office: Desktop Installation Guide, a user that has permissions to install applications can easily download and quickly install the VMWare View Client.  For larger deployments, please review the Deploy VMWare View Client documentation.

Q: How Do I Install VMWare View on my iPad?

A: Please see our video explanation of installing VMWare View on an iPad.

Q: Why does the virtual machine lock after 10 minutes?

A: Active Directory Group Policy screensaver timeout settings control this functionality.  If not configured, the default is 600 seconds.  Use the Group Policy Management console to create or edit an existing GPO to include a screensaver lockout time suitable to the user environment.

Q: Why can I not see the C Drive on my virtual desktop?

A: The Hide Local Drives group policy is configured by default.  While not a failsafe, hiding the C drive from plain site helps ensure company data is not saved to a drive that is local to the virtual desktop.

Q: What is the Z Drive or Persistent Disk?

A: The persistent disk is a local virtual hard disk attached to the virtual desktop.  The default size is 2GB.  Located on this drive is a personality folder containing the HKEY Current User Registry Hive and Users\AppData\Local.  This drive is used to maintain user profile preferences throughout the lifecycle of the user’s assigned virtual desktop.  The persistent disk should not be used to store important files and data.  The persistent disk should only be used for volatile application cache (eg. Temporary Internet Files).

Q: Why is Windows Search Disabled?

A: VMWare Best Practices for Windows 7 Optimization in a View Desktop environment are to have the Windows Search Service disabled.  This setting is optional and the default setting is disabled.  The Windows Search service builds an Index on the C drive which if not properly managed can cause issues with performance.

Q: Why are end users prompted to update line of business applications? (eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader XI system tray icon keeps appearing that an update is available for all of my users)

A: The line of business application must be configured with auto-updates turned off or user notifications regarding updates disabled.  Please contact the software vendor for instructions on customizing auto-update options for the specific application (eg. Adobe knowledge base).

Q: Why are end users prompted to activate Microsoft Office when it has already been activated?

A: After applying Windows Updates to a Golden Desktop, the activation to Office sometimes resets.  In addition, the below registry key sometimes resets to 0.  On the Golden Desktop, ensure the following registry key is set to 1:

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform]


Q: Can I add RAM or CPU to an Evolved Office: Desktop?

A: Additional CPU and RAM can be added to a virtual desktop when required.  Additional charges may apply.

Q: Why does the mouse jump around and move the cursor while typing?

A: On laptops, the touchpad mouse can be more sensitive within the VMWare View Client than on the local laptop.  Ensure manufacturer software and drivers are up to date and that tap-to-click is disabled on the local laptop.

Q: Can I install a specific piece of software for just 1 or a handful of users?

A: Software should never be deployed directly to a linked-clone.  Software should always be deployed to the Golden Desktop and then composed out to the standard VDI’s.