This is an Evolve IP quick tip video on how to set up a speed dial.

To set up a speed dial, the first thing you need to do is access your “home” key button. When you select it, you want to use your navigation arrows to scroll over to make sure that “directories” is highlighted. Once highlighted, check it off, bringing up your contact directory.

To add a name into your contact directory, you want to select it and then hit “add.” Once you select “add,” it’s going to ask you to put in that contact’s information. Using your dial keypad, you want to enter in the number or the name that you are looking to add.

Once you have entered in their information, select “save.” Once you select “save,” that person will be in your contact directory. If you wish to add that person as a favorites to your home screen, you want to go back into the info tab. select “edit,” and then scroll down until you see that favorite index is highlighted. You need to select a number to then add them to your favorite index.

If this is the first person you are adding to your favorite index, you want to select the number one and then save. Once you select “save,” you will see a star listed next to their name. Hit the “home” screen twice and then you will see them listed in your “home” screen as a speed dial. If you want to call this person, all you do is hit your “line” key, and that will begin to call out to that contact.

This has been an Evolve IP quick tip video on how to set up a speed dial.