Why Unified Communications From Evolve IP?

Evolve IP’s cloud-based Unified Communications solution delivers award-winning collab­oration (video, chat, conferencing and more) and crystal-clear voice services that integrate with the applications you’re already using today; dramatically easing deployment and user adoption. Even better, as a strategic partner, we design and customize our solutions to fit the unique needs of your business instead of forcing you into a “one-size-fits-none” service.

Connect Anywhere. Integrate Seamlessly. Collaborate Instantly.

To successfully compete in business your employees must be able to connect anywhere with clients, and each other, on the devices of their choice. Crystal-clear voice services are expected; to get ahead, your enterprise must be visible, present and able to collaborate instantly. Evolve IP offers exactly that and more.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Evolve IP’s UCaaS integrates beautifully with the world’s top SaaS applications like Gmail, Office365, Salesforce.com and Skype. However, where we truly differentiate ourselves is in our willingness and ability to work with clients on their unique requirements, like developing custom integrations and call flows and understanding and deploying flawless solutions in unique networking situations.

Desk Phones and Soft Phones

HD voice desk phones, or softphones with audio and video capability, allows users to place calls anytime, anywhere. One number reaches you wherever you are, on any device, and you can start a call on your desk phone and seamlessly move the call to your mobile device. You can quickly place or transfer calls through click-to-dial capabilities.

Best-of-Breed UCaaS Offering

Evolve IP has not only been noted in Gartner’s Midmarket Guide for Unified Communications, but it has been noted as “a best-of-breed UCaaS offering” by Gartner.

Unified Communications – A Few Key Benefits

The right cloud strategy can transform your business


Link cell phones to office phones and transfer calls seamlessly between them … all while maintaining the office phone number. UC applications enable users to see co-workers’ status (available, on a call, in a meeting, etc.), and if available, chat with them via IM and more. Windows, MAC, IOS and Android compatibility.

Unified Messaging

The days of going to multiple locations to get messages is officially over. Unified messaging delivers multiple types of messages, like voice mail, email and fax, to a single email inbox simplifying life for your users and making your business more efficient. Voicemail transcriptions are also easily read and played from your phone or computing device.

Lowest Service Fees

Lower your TCO and eliminate annoying service fees! Finances become more predictable with a cloud OPEX model, massive CAPEX expenses are eliminated, and maintenance contracts go away. Gain better value with more features and advanced business collaboration tools.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

In light of the disasters that are striking businesses across the US with alarming regularity, it’s important to have a comprehensive continuity plan in place or your entire business can be ruined. Evolve IP will help you ensure you maintain communication between international sites regardless of technology, power or carrier failures.

Management Simplicity

With an Evolve IP phone system Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) are no longer time consuming or costly aggravations. Our award-winning web-based portal lets authorized managers quickly configure users, schedules and notifications anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks.

Blue-chip Technologies

Built on top of blue-chip providers like Cisco and Broadsoft to ensure uptime, scalability, and geographic failover that’s simply unavailable and unreliable on open source platforms. Leverage this world-class platform to ensure business continuity & application availability.

Enterprise-grade Capabilities

All the features that you need and your customer want

Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)

With our Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) feature, you can find out if your associates are available, on a call, or out for lunch. Additionally, it supports multi-party chats and enables users to exchange information and share files, all while maintaining security & compliance.

Audio and Web Conferencing

Virtual meetings just got better! Users have the ability to collaborate real-time, schedule and record meetings for hundreds of participants, share screens with everyone on the conference, view the presenter’s screen or even transfer control of the screen.

Desktop Sharing

Collaborate with your colleagues regardless of location by sharing your screen via your preferred web browser. Also, share your desktop with multiple users at the same time including internal colleagues or users outside your organization. You can share your desktop, video call, file share and chat, all at the same instance.

Video Calling

Remote workers and today’s global economy makes having face-to-face meetings more challenging than ever. However, with Evolve IP video calling you can meet face-to-face virtually with multiple participants, regardless of their locations, dramatically improving collaboration and creating more engaging personal relationships. Evolve IP video calling can be enabled with HD voice desk phones, Windows and MAC soft clients, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Email and Unified Messaging

Work in the email platform of your choice and integrate with any custom application that you like for a complete UC experience. Evolve IP’s unified messaging will take your productivity to the next level. It enables users to receive all their messages (email, voicemail and fax) on one inbox, click-to-dial from the same email application, view colleague’s phone presence and more.

Mobile Apps

Our mobility apps provide you the flexibility to manage your business on the road or at work. You can make and receive business calls – including video calls – via IOS and Android mobile devices using your business phone number. Also, you can participate in online meetings remotely. You can view your colleague’s phone status, modify call settings (find me, follow me, forwarding, etc.), access corporate directory, call history, chat history and more.

Desk Phones and Soft Phones

Work with world’s leading handsets such as Polycom & Yealink to ensure you have access to the most up to date HD technology and features (including line keys, better display, wireless options etc.).

Improve Caller Experience in a simple yet sophisticated manner

Is your organization often faced with high volumes of calls? Are your callers experiencing long wait times? Our ACD gives you the ability to use sophisticated routing rules that allow you to determine the most appropriate agent for each call. By directing the caller to the right agent, you will not only be able to reduce the call time but also enhance the caller’s experience.

The Modern Workspace

Open Seating provides a modern workspace for businesses looking to deliver a collaborative work experience. It offers greater flexibility and mobility to your workforce by allowing users to log into any phone available in their office and turn it into their primary work phone.

Do More With More

Out of the box integrations with all of the most popular technologies